Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fourth and Final Edit.

I have recently drawn a picture of the side-profile of a woman. I have posted three renditions thus far. The first was a simple sketch with a lot of problems. The next added shading and detail. The next corrected shading and detail; as well as removing lines to increase the naturalness of the overall look. I have now touched it up (basically just fixing her torso shape), and have scanned it in. On this post, I will show all four renditions for comparison; in chronological order.
Just one note before I finish; I would love feedback on my drawings. Not just "oh that picture is awesome!" but negative feedback as well. I appreciate criticism; as it helps me to become a better artist. So, if you have any thoughts on any of my posts, I would love comments :)

Thanks for viewing!


  1. oh that picture is awesome!


    Um, I think something's wrong with someone's monitor, because iterations 1, 2, and final have very visible white erasure lines all over them.

  2. Thanks! Do you think that perhaps I should turn my monitor's brightness up from 35? I used to have it on 0 but that was a little too dark for some things.

  3. Actually, that would be about contrast, and I have contrast maxed.