Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new pencil drawing!

Yesterday my parents bought me some nice art stuff. A 12 pencil set ranging all the way from 6B to 4H! And, a .3 and .5 MM fine point pens. And lastly, a 14x21.6 and a 22.9x30.5 CM wire bound sketch pads.

Here is a picture that I drew with the pencils.
I darkened it a lot on my computer, so it's a little messed up looking. Still, I think that I did alright on the shading - though overall it isn't the best ever - but okay nevertheless.

Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. Mustache

I created this when I was bored, and had a mechanical pencil and a notepad. Have fun.

Thanks for viewing - heehee...

Webcomic Concept Art

I have been working on designing characters for a web-comic. I have not yet created a plot (it will be plot based), and am simply working on the characters so far. I have two sketches, one with coloring. One is the armor of the main character, and the other is the face of the female scientist who is a second main character. It will be in a science fiction setting.

Here is the armor:
I know that the legs are very poorly proportioned; it's just meant to be ideas.

Here is the scientist:

This is only for face and such. Not for anything past the neck. 
This is all that I have designed so far, but I will be working more on this. Any input on what hairstyle the scientist should have would be appreciated.
And here is a sketch I made of a troll, just for the fun of it.
A big feller who looks like he eats rocks in his spare time. And elves.

Thanks for viewing!