Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new pencil drawing!

Yesterday my parents bought me some nice art stuff. A 12 pencil set ranging all the way from 6B to 4H! And, a .3 and .5 MM fine point pens. And lastly, a 14x21.6 and a 22.9x30.5 CM wire bound sketch pads.

Here is a picture that I drew with the pencils.
I darkened it a lot on my computer, so it's a little messed up looking. Still, I think that I did alright on the shading - though overall it isn't the best ever - but okay nevertheless.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. your foreheads usually look a little too long because you usually have people with really narrow faces, like in "Mr. Mustache." But in this one you've definitely improved your proportions, and it looks much better. the only major problems I see are: a lack of value change across the cheeks/nose/etc, making it look a little flat. Try to use more values/shades. You can easily make this easier by adding a very bright light source which casts a few shadows across the face. I did something much like this in the Odin drawing i did a while back. And the hair: try adding highlights.
    The main overall problem is that its too gray, and not enough change in value. otherwise, id say this is one of your better drawings yet! keep it up with that proportions accuracy!

  2. Thanks! I think that the eyes are too large and the top of the head is too wide...

    Thanks for the suggestions. Part of the reason why there isn't much contrast is that it was blurred when I put it in the scanner. Also, I messed it up when I shopped it virtually (much darker than it is IRL)